I could sum up that with just one word: Passion!
Sometimes people ask me which school I did to learn everything I know regarding my job, but… actually, I’ve just followed my passions! It seems obvious, but if you really want something, you know what? You can get it! And it doesn’t matter if you discover your passion and you realize at the same time that you did a completely different studies or school, because… it’s exactly what I’ve done! When Steve Jobs did his speech to the recent graduates in Stanford, he talked about “to connect the dots”. What does it mean? It means that even if in your life happen that you do something that, apparently, it’s useless… at the end, you’ll discover that everything has played a specific role for what you are going to do later!

How i became a photographer

For me, everything started with the passion for photography. I bought my first DSLR camera when I was 19 (it was a Canon 350D with the 18-55 kit lens). I lived near to a very famous race circuit where I could see a lot of car races and I took so much photos there. I didn’t have yet a telephoto lens so every time I tried to find the closest possible place to take my photos, trying to find some hole through the protection grid. I was used to print some of them to a photo studio of my city and after two or three times the studio owner asked me “ehy… did you took these photos?”, I said “yes”, “Which camera and lens did you use?”, “I’ve just a 350D with a 18-55” I said, and he replied “what?? …Listen, I do several photo shoots here, especially weddings. If you want, you could come with me and help me with my job.” In the meantime I was thinking “is it happening for real?”, I said “Yes, of course!!!”. …and this was the first chapter of my photographer life. He tested me with a wedding and after the first one he told me “You can help me even with the other photo shoots because I didn’t had to tell you anything about how to take the photos, you did everything by yourself, and you did it very well!”. I worked with him for more than a couple of years, after which a friend of mine was leaving his job as photographer for two magazines. He suggested me to contact them and show some photos, because they would be definitely interested. So i did, and I worked with them for two years and half. After this experience I started to work full time as graphic design, but I never stop to work as freelance photographer!

How i became a graphic designer

As I said previously, everything started with the passion for photography. But there’s no digital photography without digital post production, so… I moved my first steps in Photoshop. I learned to use the basic tools for imaging manipulation and step by step my interest moved even toward graphics in general Were running the internet era, it was really exciting for me, so I matched “web” and “graphics”. I was working as a freelance photographer, but I needed a full time job, so I thought to work as graphic designer full time and photographer as part time basis.” …and it was exactly what I did. I found my first full time job as web graphic designer. To be honest, it was more like a web content creator, but it was perfect to me, because in the meantime I’ve had the opportunity to study more and more about web and graphics. After several courses, hours and hours spent on Photoshop I finally got a good level, or at least I say that solely based on feedback of people I work with, and people around me. I didn’t want to stop to Photoshop, so to be a complete graphic designer, I learned to use also Illustrator and InDesign for vector graphics and impagination. 

Nowadays, if I see my past, I can notice a huge improvement of my work and I’m really happy with what I do. I will never consider myself “complete”. because for these kind of jobs there’s always something new to learn, some update, some new technology and tool that simplify our life and our work, but that has to be handled. For the future, I just want to learn as possible to face in the best way all the challenge that I can find on my working life!